Guinness World Records – Claim Documentation Received

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Notarielle Bestätigung

** Please do not send a response to this unmonitored email address as it will not be read**

Claim ID: 418528

Dear Miss Tamara Theissen,

Thank you for sending in your claim documentation and evidence for review.

We are writing to you to confirm that your claim has been received and has now been assigned to the correct Records Manager who will assess your record attempt.

Every record attempt is assessed in detail by a Records Manager who will review each piece of evidence you have sent in. Due to the vast quantity of claims we receive, it can take up 12 weeks for your claim evidence to be reviewed.

We appreciate that you are eager to receive feedback on your claim and can assure you that we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Jackie Angus
Guinness World Records

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